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Provided by Citysearch
Horrible people

Why must I give a star? they deserve a piece a S***t.....rude guy

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Dontthink So


Provided by Citysearch
Robert {scum bag} weaver >>>

I cant say what i really want to say so i will keep it some what clean,i have never had such a bad conversation with such a scum bag so called ROBERT WEAVER wich is not his real name from the information i have found so people dont let him sucker you into paying him or this so called agency any money .this so called human has no respect for no 1 and he has bad people skills,does not know how to speak as a so called professional manager {scum bag}.Robert Weaver {scum bag}wich again is not his real name I have been doing collections for many many years and i would have never spoke to some 1 as bad and so disrepectful,i tryed to called in to help some 1 out and this ROBERT {scum bag}Weaver answer the phone like he is in the ""HOOD"" but anyways this guy talked down not only to me but also to the person who is trying to pay off her balance he was talking to us like we are his kids or his wife,well he dead wrong we are not either 1 of them,this needs to be addressed to the BBB and get this so call agency shut down.Now also from research this so called Robert {scum bag}Weaver is the owner of this dump and from the research i was able to find is now why Clients are pulling their accounts from their office...So ROBERT {scum bag} Weaver i hope you read this because this fake company will be reported to the BBB and if i have to i will contact any and all news stations in the orlando area to put you and the agency in shame for been such an A@@Ho^^ to people that are trying to do the right thing,and for you so call front desk girls they need to look for another job or another career because they are also as rude and ignorant as the owner,so please find another career because you too suck at your fake job..SO Southern Management Systems i would like to say F**k You very much.

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queen dignity


Provided by Citysearch
ignorent and very unprofessional

They are very unprofessional i called there trying to set up a payment arrangement on a debit that i wanted to resolve spoke with a robert weaver and he begins to tell me to pay it all with my tax money first of all he dosent even know if im getting any money back for him to make a statement like that was wrong all together if someone is calling trying to make a payment who the hell are you to say what im getting from taxes or not. I never have been treated like that in my life he was very rude and nasty on the phone i doubt it very much if he is collecting money from anyone I called back to see if i can speak to someone else about the situation someone higher she begins to tell me that robert weaver is the manger i told her im sure there is someone else higher that i can speak to she tells me to find out who that is on my own wow what kind of business is this

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Provided by Citysearch
I love giving my money to ignorance!!

I don't know names, i have only spoken to the office on a few occasions, but i do know that they are very unprofessional.
The only collector i spoke to about my case was this younger guy, cant pronounce his name. I had to ask him to repeat himself at the end of every sentence because his English was so bad. I'm not talking foreign either. All i heard was slang! He was mumbling the whole time.
Not only that but he was pressuring me with all of this bull crap and deadlines. He was telling me that if i didn't start a payment plan (mind you, 250 a month for 16 months, if i could afford that i wouldn't have been sent to collections, ridiculous ) by this time and date then i couldn't receive certain kinds of financial aid and so on..

I'm not an idiot, i may have not be able to pay rent but i am definitely not an idiot. Collections has nothing to do with aids...

I think it is pathetic that i am only 20 years old and have more since than all of the office workers combined. I wish i didnt have to ask ""what?"" every 2 seconds because they allow ""thugs"" (haha) to work at their office.
i understand that collectors pressure, but lying is not needed.

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Provided by Citysearch

I Cannot believe the way these people talk to their 'debtor's' in the words of Nichole! Regardless if you are a debtor or not you do NOT treat people the way both Kim Baker and Nichole have treated me. No clue how you sleep at night knowing the way you DISRESPECT the people you are on the other end of the line with. People are People and do not deserve to be hung up on, talked to with a nasty tone, and called names the way both of these 'women' have and im sure i am not the only people they talk to like this per these reviews. There will be a letter sent to the owner and the BBB. I have delt with other collection agencies and work in collections myself and if you think about it, if you want a result (the debt to be paid) there is a way to handle the person who is responsible for the debt (since they are NOT customers, but they are NOT deserving of the treatment these women give) I truly hope that they loose thier job and see what its like to be on the other end of the phone with some one like themselves trying to collect on balances owed.

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Provided by Citysearch
oh and by the way

oh and by the way all you debtors who owe people money, talk about unprofessional. do you even think about what these bill collectors go through, they have to put up with verbal abuse 8 hours a day, they get cursed at, threaten, there kids get threaten. and all there doing is there jobs. there not going to put up with ur abuse, your right they will hang up on you, there not CUSTOMER SEVERICE, YOU ARE NOT CUSTOMERS, YOU OWE MONEY!!!! THAT MAKES YOU A DEBTOR YOU USE TO BE CUSTOMERS. HAVE SOME RESPECT.. if you treat them nice they can do alot for you, reduce your bill and let you pay a settlement amount, can get you a payment plan, its in there hands so you might want to be nice. And if your not thats ok but dont expect them to bend over backwards for you..... remember that old saying TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. this is true, you can have the best experience with sms, inc or the worst experience its all up to you. I know, i called and i was really mad, screaming yelling and the person on the other line hung up. she had every right, who did i think i was,, i called her back appologized and we got to talking she was great and even took over $1000 off me and my sons bill.. im so sorry once again......think people, think....................

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Provided by Citysearch

Hey. crazydogssss....... glad to know yo have tons of money lying around and have never had a hardship in your lifetime. Especially now with people losing their jobs unwillingly, and being taken competely off gaurd with mouthes to feed. I hope someone as ignorant and insensitive as you is never put in this kind of situation. Something tells me noone would really care.

I spoke with the manager here to attempt to pay my debt and make an arrangement. When I couldn't give him a specific date, he hung up on me without a second thought. These people should be thanking God that I am calling THEM to pay a bill in a RECESSION. Not professional at all and a bunch of idiots for chasing people trying to pay them away.

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Provided by Citysearch

I worked for this company for a month. Little did I know what I was getting myself into...I needed a job and well took the first thing that came. I was fired because I was not aggressive enough. LOOK I'm not going yell @ these people who don't have a job and because they lost there apartment for one reason or another. I mean I called people and I got in trouble for helping them take action since some of these apartments made mistakes themselves with peoples credit. Can you believe that. And let me say by adding that the people who work there Misty aka Nichole Moss & Wendy aka Kim Baker you two are the worst there is when it comes to Management. You might have been there for 4-6 years but you can not treat people like there crap.These people used to talk so much S%%$ after they hung the phone with these people by calling them rude names cursing them out and everything. I am glad that I am not working for them anymore. Plus what they didn't know was I have an EVICTION TO!!!! SUCKERS!!!! If you get a call next time just say do not call any numbers you have listed in you directory and they can not call you anymore. Oh and yes they can call you about anywhere since they can look your info up with just your SS# in some database to see if you got a new tel# or address. SMS look @ the ecomomy do you really think anyone wants to pay there debt @ a time like this THEY ARE LOOKIN GTO SURVIVE!! oh by the way Nichole Moss drives a green car w/ rims and Kim baker drives a red pic up TRUCK.... HAVE A NICE LEGAL LAWSUI@## ASSSSSSSHOLES...oh P>S>S> the owner is almost leagally blind!!

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Provided by Citysearch
Alicia at Southern Management Systems

I didn't owe a whole lot of money and I only paid it off b/c I was trying to rent a house somewhere else. But that girl Alicia who works there is an effing ""C U Next Tuesday"". She needs to either 1) leave her job if she's so unhappy and/or 2) learn people skills and customer service abilities. I was never rude to any of the people I spoke to at Southern Management Systems. In fact, while I was paying the debt off, the guy and I were joking around. I am going to write a complaint letter about Alicia specifically. Not that I am expecting much to be done about it. But it will put my mind at ease. Screw you, you little dirty ""C U Next Tuesday"".

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Provided by Citysearch
crazy people

lets face it, you owe a debt, what collection agency has a good review. admit it, pay it, move on with your life and improve what very little credit you have. you wouldnt have bill collectors calling you if you PAID YOUR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooosssseeerrrrrrss

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Provided by Citysearch
robert weavor

robert weavor is his alias his real name is steven lohonan his direct ext is 150 dont be fooled by the voice mail its his extention. dont beliive what he tells you. communicate via mail is you have an account there. he is the owner of the company not just a represenative thats why he's the way he is.

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Provided by Citysearch
extreme outrage

Based on the 15 reviews I have just read, this fire needs no further fuel....but I cannot meerly sit back and let my voice remain silent. I'll begin w/ Robert Weaver. His unprofessionalism is exactly as the many before me have described. While reading all of these complaints, the similarities to my experience today were uncanny. I could nearly write a review verbatum to those already listed. Mr. Weaver had an ugly smugness to his voice, apparent in his icy greeting. He proceded to continuously interupt me while relaying my concerns, and then shouted at me to lower my voice. I couldn't concentrate on my synapsis through his constant interruptions and harrassment. Verbal assaults towards my intelligence and intentions were the norm for Mr. Weaver so much that I was literally speachless. Never have I spoken with a business professional that speaks in such a derogatory manner. When I finally found a break to question a method for repayment, he offerred no real solution, but informed me that I had ""already wasted 15 minutes of his time and the conversation was over"". When I asked for Mr. Weaver's title, he refused to offer me that information. As I questioned him as to why I should pay an unknown individual that will not identify his title, he quickly re-directed the question, saying he is not asking for the money, but his client was, and the circular questioning spiraled out of control from there, leaving Mr. Weaver without a single answer to a legitamate question. Then, he performed his signature move and hung up the phone. How is a person with genuine intent to settle these debts expected to accomplish anything with this individual when receprication is not available? Likewise, my interactions with the staff/receptionist was equally disturbing. My accounts were carbon copies of those before me: rude, uniformative, witholding of basic information (ie. web address), hung up on, etc. Calling this company will only leave you dazed and confused.

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Provided by Citysearch
Very unprofessional company ! Robert Weaver needs to be educated on work ethics.

All I can Say is that I'm more than upset ! I called Southern Management to find out why they were on my credit report and it was a unbelievable experience. The women who answer the phone in the office, well I guess we'll call them secretary's were so rude with no work ethics. Robert Weaver told me because I did not give him my address that he could'nt help me out. I didnt mind giving out my address, but please explain to me a couple of things first. No one should feel safe just giving out personal information without validating thigs first.Especially when I call and everyoone sems to be unporfessional. He hung up the phone on me. I thought that was against the law to handle people like that ? Especially if I'm calling to handle something on my credit report. To make matters worse I called back after he hung up on me and the secretary did'nt make things any better for me. All I wanted at that moment was some help. I told her that I needed the number to their corporate office; she refused to give it to me. She asked me for my name as if Robert Weaver knew that I had called back to file a complaint. I told her that I did'nt want to give my name, and that all I wanted was the number to coroporate. I had never experienced nothing like this in my life ! When I originally placed the call the secretary told me that I had to leave my phone number before I could speak with a agent. I tried to go around that; When I refused she hung up on me. I called back and she answered again. I finally gave in and gave her my phone number for a agent to call me back. Robert Weaver returned my call and he handled me as if I was'nt humane. Rude is a under-statement !! I would'nt advise anyone to rent from Southern Management. I went on line to find a number to their corporate office. I was in total shock to see that other people had similar experinces and had written complaints about this company. Something seriously needs to be done about the professionalism this company lacks !

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Provided by Citysearch
Robert Weaver - Regina - Alicia - & Amy Jones - Violaters of the FDCPA - No respect for the LAws

Robert Weaver @ Southern Management is one of the worst individuals i've ever dealt with - he believes that because someone owes a debt it gives him the right to belittle them. They have no type of customer service, they are very unprofessional. They dont abide by the FDCPA. The FTC should take some action and close their doors down. I dont know i've being a *ick is part of their job requirements. I would think that knowing on how the economy is right now, they would get some sense and do things right. i just called to find out why they were on my credit report, thats it. They made a mountain out of moll hill.

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Provided by Citysearch
Find yourself a lawyer

I rented a townhome with a long time roommate about 4 years ago through real property management. The AC broke four times and even though we promptly called it was sometimes weeks before a tech came out. There were critters on a regular basis and hole underneath every window sill. Upon moving into the apartment we noticed it was never cleaned so I had to pay to have the carpets steamed, repaint the walls, and bomb the apartment. Several weeks after we were there they sent a lady out to wipe down the cabinets. Give me a break!! During one of the hurricanes a window pane was broken and he screen came off when one of the nearby trees fell and broke it. We called it in and no one seemed to care. Even when water was leaking through the ceiling via the lighting fixture in the dining room, still no one came. I moved out and 2 years later attempted move into another apartment when my credit report showed that I owed some company many. Real Property actually charged me for the window replacement, carpet cleaning, and several other ""fees"" that all sounded like the same thing just renamed. So of course I called them with question to such debt. They were rude even when I said ""I'll Pay IT, just tell me when, where why and how much"" They were unprofessional and upon my questioning of why I have never received any notice they replied, ""so are you going to pay this or what?"" Never got any answer but 'i don't know, I don't care, or just plain being cursed at. I am in the process of seeking legal action against this company on many levels. No one deserves to be treated the way they treat people not to mention their complete disregard for any professionalism and business practice. So I hope they have a good lawyer cause I do.

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Provided by Citysearch
WORST EVER! Team up with Apt. Complexes to Screw You Over!

I lived in Victoria Place Apartments, which I recommend no one ever do, the management there is absolutely awful. They are almost as bad as Southern Management. Anyways, after my father was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to pack up and move back home to be with him. My lease was up and I was paying a month to month premium until I was ready to go. Well on top of that, the UNenforced speed limit in Victoria Place Apartments resulted in my beloved dog being run over and dying by some a**hole going 40 in a 15mph zone two weeks after my fathers news. So I packed up and moved asap paying my current months rent in full. I had asked the staff at VP if any notice was needed since i was on month-to-month now; their response was NO. Well it took 3 weeks to schedule moving, and when i moved out, i dropped off my keys, and to my surprise the manager ""Carl"" tells me they needed 2 weeks notice. Well I called 3 weeks ago and they said i didnt need to, just drop off the keys when i left and whatever else was needed.

So Carl explains that now I have to pay next months rent as well, even though I am leaving. Well I refuse. So on top of that, he sends me a bill for new carpet because apparently my dead dog has fleas and peed everywhere. Brand new carpet was put in the day before I moved in, my dog peed maybe a few times on the carpet (which the $500 NON REFUNDABLE pet deposit I gave them should cover the Spot Shot needed)

So I run my credit today and this mysterious company that has never tried to contact me once by phone, never sent me any letters by mail, NOTHING, has a $1,300 collection out for me and has absolutely ruined my credit score. Southern Management Services is out to ruin your financial life.

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Provided by Citysearch

Mr. Robert Weavers, regional manager, curses and yells, in an attempt to intimidate people seeking resolution. Mr. Robert Weaver, a representative of Southern Management Systems, cursed and yelled at me. Mr. Weavers yelled and cursed at me after I told him the information he had pertaining to my account was incorrect. The account that Mr. Robert Weaver claims is still open, was closed a couple of years ago. I am being charged, in a very unethical way, money I do not owe. I asked the receptionist of Southern management Systems to allow me to speak to another Southern Management Systems representative. She stated I was only allowed to speak to Mr. Weavers. I asked for a manager. I was once again told that I could only speak to Mr. Weavers.

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Provided by Citysearch
Biggest bunch of frauds and a holes out there.

I rented an apartment at vintage on the green in orlando in 2006. I realized it was way over priced when i moved in to find that it hadn't been cleaned (still had dog snot on the windows from the previous tenant's boxers), it had holes in some of the walls, the carpet wasn't properly tacted down and it was CRAWLING with insects. about 5 mths in, word from the neighbors was that the complex was changing names, i inquired, and was bold faced lied to... it completely changed names within 5 more mths. Soon after i got word that they were changing names, comstruction started. At first, it was annoying, but tolerable. Very soon after, when i was left with no windows for 2 wks in august, with nothing over the gaping holes but black plastic bags, it got alittle irritating. I contacted the office about the multiple broken windows, and nails just sticking out of the walls. They barely made an attempt to clean it up (never did take care of the nails). THEY then notified ME that if i felt it was unbearable, i could break free from my lease, no questions, no penalties. So i contacted them and informed them of my decision to leave. I never actually saw or heard from the office staff again. They completely vanished for 2 wks. I waited for them outside the office, called several times, nothin. I couldn't even find anybody to do a walk through as i left. I had to drop the keys in the mail slot. 5 mths later i receieved a very nasty, inappropriate phone call from Nicole from Southern management stating that i owed $1500 for moving penalties and cleaning charges. WHAT? Cleaning charges? 1, i cleaned the hell ouf of that place, 2, there were construction workers in my apartment the day i left... hello, drywall dust. They have since harrassed my mother, my job and myself. They refuse to send me a statement of charges. She has actually called me at work, insulted my personality and threatened to not work with me anymore. THANKS NICOLE, YOU'RE A WORLD CLASS B****. :)

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Provided by Citysearch
Worst Management Company EVER!!!

My wife and I rented from the Traditions Apts in Orlando which ended up being the worst place ever. Shootings, My apt was broken into and the gate never worked. So we gave a 60 day notice and wrote them a letter saying we are leaving the apt for fear some one will get hurt or worst! Due to the shootings, break ins, and our car being vandelized. I feared for my wife little Son's safety. Southern Management Then tried to take us to court for leaving. They put on my credit almost $4000 in collections. Which ruined my credit. Others there started a class action law suite. Southern Management LOST! and we were told it would be removed from our credit and it has not... Southern Management keeps renew it. They are striaght up CROOKS!!!

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Provided by Citysearch
Southern ""Screw You"" Systems

I am currently trying to get out of a Lease from PEGASUS LANDING (DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.) There is NO way out of their lease. You cannot pay any fees or get out without Releasing or Subleasing. Good luck trying to do that, because NOONE wants to mve in there. It was recommended to me by a roommate, whos turned out to be a complete inconsiderate and selfish snob.

Anyways, i was trying to weigh out my options and just let my 525 go to the collection agency which is Southen management Systems. I tried calling to inquire about rates and policies. I was friendly and explained my situation. All I got was ""I cant help you. ::click::"" From ""Shena"" the ""Answering Personel. I tried calling back and got Shena again and told her I'd rather pay her than Pegasus Landing and she just hung up on me again. I called a third time and immediately asked to speak with a manager who promply picked up and gave me a VERY RUDE attitude and i literally said "" I WILL PAY YOU"" and she shut up. Then i asked for the fees and she said there are none, and just hung up on me. What a bunch of idiots and liars. An answering service's only answer is hanging up.

Trust me, weighing out the lesser evils, i would rather pay the apartment complex over this collection agency.

Then again, i guess I would be completely and rude and probably miserable working there, which in turn reflects in the phone calls. I almost feel bad for them.

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