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Bauern-Stube Authentic German Restaurant

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German Restaurants, Restaurants

8015 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809


Today: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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24 Reviews
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Provided by Citysearch
Gordon Ramsey - Help!

Looking for an authentic German Restaurant, this isn't it! We walked into this cramped tchotchkes filled restaurant with accordian playing gentleman & we were chamed immediately. We were promptly seated by our waitress. She told us she was bringing us their special pretzel rolls (but failed to say she was charging us for it). As we looked around the room trying to take in the feast for the eyes, we noticed the neon orange signs on each table.""15% gratuity included on all bills"", odd & tacky.These signs were also on the walls throughout the restaurant. This should have been a big sign for us to get out & run
Our pretzel rolls came, the ones you can buy from any restaurant supplier. You slightly wet the frozen roll, sprinkle the supplied pretzel salt & heat. The proper way to heat would be to place them in the oven at 250 & let them bake. The lazy, fast way is to microwave. If you ever have over microwaved bread, you know how rubbery & then hard that bread will get! Later when we mentioned to the waitress that the bread was microwaved too long & showed her what happened, she retorted rudely 'that's why I told you to eat it fast - that's what will happen!
We ordered potato pancakes with applesauce for an appetizer. These were promptly delivered. The applesauce was oddly served in a red ketchup bottle dispenser with the top clipped so it can be squeezed out. The potato pancakes were not freshly prepared. They came out too fast for them to be fried to order. The centers were very hot & the outside edges were hard & barely chewable. If you held it up, it waved like a rubber disc. Before we could share our concern, our waitress was already coming to the table with our entrees! There is no way those dishes were freshly made. We only had a bite of our rapidly delivered potato pancakes.
We explained that we weren't satisfied with the pancakes because they weren't fresh & had been microwaved. From that moment on we had the most horrific dining experience. She took our plate & stormed off. Immediately the owner Barbara was by our table, not apologetic that we didn't enjoy the pancakes, but to yell at us! We were trying to eat our entrees, but she wouldn't leave us alone! She came back with little books telling us these were all complimentary notes. We asked her if she could please just allow us to try and eat our meal. Finally after more yelling she walked away & we took a few bites of our entrees. Sorry that we did. In an ""authentic"" German Restaurant, weiner schnitzel is made with veal. I have seen German restaurants have ""pork"" schnitzel, & put it on the menu this way. Here it was a thinly pound pork cutlet that became dry. Based on the speed it was served it would be impossible to bread, sautee & plate 2 entrees. It was served with red cabbage that was steaming (from the microwave) & tasteless, dry spetzle. My husband had the pork cutlet with hunter's gravy. He had the cheese spetzle & the sauerkraut. We will gladly praise the sauerkraut, the only highlight.
Our waitress came & asked us about our entree. We made the mistake of telling her we were disappointed. I started to say that it wasn't possible for entree to be freshly prepared. She stormed off & yelled for Barbara who immediately came over & loudly told us we were wrong. She was incensed that we questioned the freshness of the food & that we were not enjoying our meal. Next the ""chef"" came out & berated us. He told us if we didn't like his food that was on us. We should have gotten up & walked out. How foolish that we didn't.
We felt like we were in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. This is a restaurant that is living in it's past glory & is in denial as to the quality of their food. This was on a Saturday night at 7:00. There were only 6 tables that were seated, never a good sign. We are sure that at one time this was a fun and delightful way to spend an evening & enjoy a meal. That time has long passed. I bet Gordon Ramsey could have a field

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Provided by Citysearch
excited and dissapointed

I wish I could give no star at all. I was visiting Orlando on vacation and met a waitress that works at the Bauern-Stube restaurant and she told us all about the food and atmosphere, gave us the phone number and we made reservations for Saturday night, just over two weeks ago. She assured us a wonderful experience. We made the reservation with the promise she would be our waitress. When we arrived (whom I now know to be the owner, Barbara) told our waitress that she wasnt allowed to wait on us, no reason was given to us and the waitress worked the whole time we where there. We sould've turned around that instant and left but the girl asked us to stay and apologized for the owner's attitude. The waitress we did get was absent the whole meal and a different employee had to bring us things that we needed. Our waitress' service and attitude was poor at best. The food was all right but all the issues made our experience poor. I won't be returning to this place. I have to say the owner acted so unprofessional, yelling at staff the whole night, refusing to let us have the waitress we made reservations for, the horrible service we did get, and the just ""ok"" food. There was live music, people danced and the atmosphere was nice, but the other issues made our experience less than a happy one.

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Provided by Citysearch
Terrible and desception

I went to this restaurant yesterday with a group of friends. First the menu prices doesn't match what you pay for the food, and for two of us we were overcharged by about $10, but I didn't realize it until I was later able to go through the menu and check the prices with what I paid. You do not get a receipt as this restaurant doesn't have a POS system. The bread was stale that was on the table and thankfully I didn't order the soft pretzel bread as I thought it was part of the meal, but later found out they charge extra for it. As for an appetizer I ordered a potato pancake and my partner ordered the German potato salad. My potato pancake was like a disk of rubber and had no flavor to it, and the German Potato Salad had to be blasted microwaved as it was very hot. As for the chicken snitchel with green beans and fried potatoes I ordered well the potatoes were cold the green beans tasted like they were from a can, and the chicken was rather dry and the breading was greasy. Also don't get me started on the mandatory 15% gratuity that is added on all checks. This place cannot close fast enough and for those that are giving this place 5 stars they either have to be related to the owners or they haven't had real German food.

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Provided by Citysearch

ust arrived home from a dinner here with my 2 teenagers. It started out well. They decor was nice and the people there were friendly. Luckily, our waitress was good and deserving, but I don't like restaurants that automatically take out a 15% tip. At the beginning of the meal, she asked if we wanted soft pretzels. I assumed like other restaurants, this was the bread that came with the meal, but I was charged. As we were eating the pretzels, the owner came out asking if we wanted to try her soup. She gave us a small sample that my daughter liked a lot and decided to order. Then they asked my son if he wanted a cucumber or tomato salad. It was very small, the size of my hand. I eat out frequently and don't mind paying high dollar for quality food. The food wasn't bad, but definitely not worth my $70 bill. Besides for the soup and our soft drinks, I only ordered a 27.50 sampler platter that we all shared. I complained to the waitress for being charged for the pretzels and salad. She brought out the owner and I only brought up the $4 salad. I missed a lot due to her strong accent, but she was extremely defensive and kept looking at my son saying ""he said yes."" and how she ""couldn't afford to give away things and that she is running a business."" Then she brought up the free sample of soup and said she gave us that (so why wouldn't I think the same for the salad). She would not stop and I felt like I was 5 years old getting scolded. I finally said I would pay it but I would not be back. Her reply was ""your loss not mine"". WOW! Over $4!! My teenage son was so embarrassed he was trying to pay for it. I explained to him later I could careless about $4...it's the principal of how she cons people into paying for things they didn't order. Even when our food came out, she wanted to add things to the sides of kraut and dumplings saying its not enough starches. If I want something, I will order it myself. Nothing makes me feel sick to the stomach more than paying $70 for a meal and being treated like dirt.

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Provided by Citysearch
Absolutely terrible

Terrible. We actually picked this place for our Valentine's day dinner. When we got there, one of the managers was actually sitting down ON a dining table. We get to the table and the bread, literally, was as hard as a baseball. We couldn't bite through it. We got our food in around just ten minutes! We asked if it was microwaved (it tasted like it--we know what the food should taste like) and the waitress said ""yes!""...she told the owner, who, instead of being polite, literally yelled at us in front of the entire restaurant and signaled her husband (who was just sitting on the table) and said, out loud ""SHE'S COMPLAINING COME HERE!""....very unprofessional. She said ""I'm German"", as if that justifies her terrible food. Don't lie and tell me something isn't microwaved when your own waitress said it was. Not only did they ruin our Valentines, but they charged us $63 dollars, for two, no appetizers or dessert. I'd rather eat at the Hollerbach any day. This place is crap and the way they treat their customers is why this place was probably dead on one of the most busy days for a restaurant.

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Provided by Citysearch

I am visiting from Koln and thought I would take my cousins, who are hosting me, to try ""authentic"" German food. The bread that was served tasted stale. My entire meal was bland, lacking the flavor I am used to with REAL German food. The 15% added gratuity seemed ridiculous as my service was not a reflection of that type of a tip. I do not know how this restaurant has been open for 25 years. Very disappointing....and expensive.

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Tina T


Provided by Citysearch
Just nasty :-(((

I'm German and we just moved to Orlando. We were very happy to find a German restaurant. Honestly I wish we never had ate there. It was so nasty. The food was not authentic at all.....neither the inside of the restaurant.
I totally agree with all the other negative reviews. A restaurant like this wouldn't survive in Germany at all.....this is probably the reason why they opened up in Orlando :-((((

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Provided by Citysearch
I would have Rather eat at Mc Donalds or Taco Bell.

Worst German Food Ive ever had, I've Ate at the Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford and the German Cafe off of 17 92 near Altmonte and both places are 100 Times better then this place. The customer service needs improvement. only thing that was Good was the beer and thats only because they did not make it. I could play Floor Hockey with there potato pancakes.

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Provided by Citysearch
Terrible Experience

My husband and I had dinner at Bauern-Stube, and were extremely disappointed with our experience. We were looking forward to an authentic German dinner, as I have grown up eating German food from my mother and grandmother. Unfortunately, the food was terrible, and the service was even worse. The server had a very bad attitude, and the food was not authentic German food. The food was greasy, and lacked flavor. In the end of our meal, we ordered a chocolate cake. The cake tasted awful, like it had been in the freezer for a year. We sent the cake back, and a woman who worked at the restaurant very rudely told us that we were wrong about the cake. She said others liked it, and it was just not to our taste. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? She could have believed that, but never tell the customer. Unbelievable! We will not be going back!

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Provided by Citysearch
The best place in Orlando for German Food

This is the best place in the Central FL area I have found for German food by a MILE! They offer coupons on mycityeats --- so its definitely worth a try!!!

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Provided by Citysearch
Not Authentic at all!

Save your money and stay away from this supposed authentic German food restaurant. Having been raised in Germany (our mom and family is German) for the greater portion of my life, I know 100% what German food should taste AND look like. We visited this location as a surprise dinner for our mom's birthday. I knew we were in trouble from the get-go because after being approached by the only waitress in the dining room, she merely pointed to a table across the room letting us know to take a seat. As an FYI, a 15% gratuity is included in your bill regardless the size of your party. Our waitress came off less than enthused to be working, so you can imaging the level of service we received.
Our table studied the menu, which in fairness was written in German with English translation. Since our group wanted to get the full effect of what was being offered, we all picked different items off the menu. Dinner portions come with choice of potato (mashed, boiled, scallop) or noodle (Speatlze) and choice of cabbage (Red, White or Sauerkraut) Side salads like German style potato or cucumber are extra. Our mom not thinking anything of it ordered her meal speaking German. The waitress looked at her like she was from another planet. Obviously the waitress had no idea what was said. She tried to cover by saying that if the entrée(s) isn’t something that is ordered often, she doesn’t know what the English translation is?? Are you kidding me? Why even bother having a dual language menu when your staff doesn’t even know the language!!
Our food came out in a relatively decent amount of time. No frill presentation whatsoever. My dish called a Jeagerschnitzle (Hunter Cutlet with a mushroom and onion gravy) was served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Right away I knew this was NOT the Jeagerschnitzle that I remembered from Germany. The gravy which is the main focus of the dish, wasn’t even a brown reduction sauce as it should be. It was clear, gelatinous-like with a few pieces of sliced mushroom. The mashed potato had an odd aftertaste, not pleasant. The sauerkraut was mixed with a substance that none of us on the table could figure out. I’ve had better Sauerkraut from labels you can get at Publix in the jar or package. Our mom ordered the Fleischkaese (German style meatloaf) with boiled potato and red cabbage. Hers actually looked the most appealing. The meatloaf served with a fried egg, tasted pretty close to the real thing. Unfortunately the red cabbage seasoning (usually a sweeter taste) tasted too much like clover and other strong spices to be enjoyed. My brother ordered a noodle casserole which was supposed to have had black forest ham and baked with cheese. The ham pieces were barely visible and according to my brother the cheese tasted like Provolone. I don’t know too many Germans who use Italian Provolone in their cooking?? His food was bland and the side order of Speatzle was nothing to brag about. My brother’s wife’s dish was just as horrible and all she had was your basic Wienerschnitzle (Vienna cutlet) – which if cooked correctly is supposed to be a veal cutlet NOT PORK as it was here.
Our waitress checked on us one time during the whole meal; so if you need a refill or anything else, make sure you get her attention BEFORE. At this point we were all steaming over the fact that we would be charged the 15% gratuity although the service and quality of food was nowhere near the tip.
Having to wait for what seemed another eternity for our waitress to clear the table, we unanimously let her know that we would not be having dessert and wanted the bill. I don’t know what parts of Germany some of the other foodies who critiqued this restaurant lived, visited etc but take my word this place does not even come close to authentic. Save your money and go fly to Germany for the real thing!!

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Provided by Citysearch
Outstanding restaurant in Orlando

This is an great place for an enjoyable, relaxing time with great food and wonderful service. My wife and I celebrated our 21st anniversary here, our second visit.

The restaurant medium to small sized, brightly lit, and full of memorabilia and kitsch. There is also a subtle, small section of wall labeled, ""The Soldier's Place"" with pictures, postcards, news clippings, and notes, all from military fans.The clientele included many young families and couple, and few of us ""other."" You will be comfortable in shorts, clean jeans, or slacks, or in ""Pokeys,"" as my wife calls polos and khakis.

Bauer-Stube is the antithesis of a chain restaurant and reminds us of what ""family owned"" is all about. Every guest seems to be treated like family - in a good way. The owner brings little extras, maybe a little goulash to dip your bread in before dinner arrives, or small whipped-cream strawberry schnapps after dinner.
The restaurant offers 5 or 6 good draft beers, and several bottled, but it's not one of those places where you choose from 200 different style. IMHO, a half-litre of Warstein is just perfect while you await your meal. You will be reminded of how nice it is to enjoy a quality, properly chilled beer from a mug instead of from a bottle or a thin glass.
Inexpensive enough for frequent visits, and special enough for special occasions.
All the food we've tried has been great.
Love the potato pancakes, the Wurst platter, the liver and dumpling soup.
The Eisbein pork leg is amazing. The owner even volunteered to remove the skin and fry it up for Cracklin'. Yum.)
The Black Forest cake is authentic and delicious.

I've read a couple of bad reviews, which amaze me. I lived several years in Berlin, and I know about good German food.

I really can't say enough about this place.

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Provided by Citysearch
Best German Food in Central Florida

I'm not a big German food fan, but my inlaws are. I agreed to go here because I love authentic German beer.

I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. The owner, Barbara, came out to our table and greeted us. She made sure we understand all of the menu options and answered any questions we had.

The food was outstanding and the 5 varieties of german draft beer were even more outstanding.

The environment was very comfortable and the owner was very hospitable.

A very enjoyable German restaurant experience for a non German-food fan.

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Provided by Citysearch
Great German Food - Definite Recommend

Before I start my review, I'd like to state that I have a fascination for German food. My wife who happens to be German and was brought up on German and Czech foods made by women who spoke German as a first language KNOWS German food. Over the last decade we've visited German restaurants in the Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, and South. The German restaurants we don't like are the ones that try to cater to everyone including the fries and ketchup crowd. We like it when they keep to their roots and stay true to traditional and authentic German culinary disciplines. With that said, here is my review:

It's nice to visit a German stand-alone restaurant that keeps the traditional look and feel. It has a cute take on German exterior styling less some of FL's vegetation. The interior is cozy yet spacious with an Old World feel. I'd recommend that they hike the A/C two degrees because I thought it was a bit chilly. The menu is not over the top which is good because I think if a menu gets too big there's no emphasis on specialties. If you look at the prices, they are reasonable for what you are getting... including cloth napkins rather than paper.

So how's the food? Initially I was hesitant since there were two bad reviews. Thankfully I took the plunge! The food is EXCELLENT. The sauerkraut was perfect, the red cabbage with the mild taste of anise was wonderful, the potato dumplings were tasty... One of the reviews said the food was bland?!? I completely disagree - it's flavored and seasoned just right. My wife and I swapped plates twice because we enjoyed each of our selections of Hungarian Goulash and Bratwurst plate. As for dessert... at other restaurants I've had Apfelstrudel, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, Haselnusstorte, and Rahmapfelkuchen. This time I tried the multilayer chocolate cake and my wife had a chocolate covered... I forget the names... It was great!

Service was friendly.

PS. Don't ask for ketchup, mayo, or french fries!!!

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Provided by Citysearch
Authentic German food and beer

The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming as soon as you enter. Take a few minutes to examine the various decorations on the wall. It feels more like being inside somebody's home than inside a restaurant.

Our waitress was very friendly and helped me pick out a very tasty German wheat beer. My friends said we had to have the potato pancakes, so we ordered those as appetizers. I ordered the schnitzel with saurkraut and dumplings as my entree.

Before long the potato pancakes arrived and they were wonderful! Hot and golden brown, with sour cream and applesauce on the side - delicious. I suggest adding both the sour cream and the applesauce.

It tooks a little while for the entrees to arrive, but between the beer and the accordian player and the relaxed conversation it wasn't a bad wait. The schnitzel I ordered came with a paprika/onion sauce that was really nice. The saurkraut is very tasty; not at all like what you g et on a hot dog. The portions were quite large, so we wound up eating a bit more than we should.

All in all, a great experience and I can't wait to go back.

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Provided by Citysearch
sad place



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Provided by Citysearch
Felt like home

This place is the best. I took my husband for his birthday and they sang Happy Birthday to him. The food is great, the place makes you feel like you are at home in Germany, the staff is great and so nice. Even our 10 yr and 4 yr old loved it.

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Provided by Citysearch
Perfect example of authentic German dining at it's best

Went to this place on a friend's advice; we got there a bit early and had traveled 120 miles, but the owner invited us in and offered us beer service; the kitchen wasn't ready for serving dinner, but that was fine with us. We tried 3 different kinds of good German beer and all three were fantastic. When you go to Germany and order ein mas, you get a liter; expect to drink the liter and not complain it's too much beer. If you are expecting Coors or Bud light, go someplace else. We left after quenching out thirsts and were invited back later for dinner.; as it worked out, we were able to do just that. The service was friendly, the atmosphere was fantastic as folks from other tables joined in on our conversations having just come from a football game; anyone with a birthday was serenaded in song; the music was nice; it did not overpower the conversation which happens in most places today. This was typical of German atmosphere you'd find all over Germany. The food was hot, the portions were more than expected, and the quality was great. We did not ask for anything on the menu that they didn't have on hand. All 5 of my companions were thoroughly satisfied and vowed that we will return and bring others. One of them lives in Berlin and is bringing his wife on his next visit. Definately worth the experience. Will make it a point to stop in again. The bere alone is worth the visit. Prost!

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Provided by Citysearch
Our Dinner at the Bauernstube

Sorry to say, this was our 3rd time there, all three of them alike. We've invited friends for the saturday night outing, the table was ready for us upon arrival..The Waitress came over had taken our beer order, and then decided what to eat. We started with two orders of Potatoe Pancakes, (six cakes all together) I've been in Germany many, many times never had I Pancakes like these. To thick, hardly browned on each side, it really tasted like warmed mashed potatoes. We each had one, and the rest of them we've left. The last time we were there the same pancakes were burned around the edges, hard as a rock. Now we've ordered supper. Our friends and my Wife ordered Wiener Schnitzel, I had asked for the ""Gemischte Kaseplatte"" sorry, we don't have this anymore came the reply. ""Gemischte Wurst Platte"", sorry we don't have that anymore. I tried to order Goulash, the Waitress shook her head and said, ""No, you don't want that.
So, I ordered Wiener Schnitzel and was just as disappointed as my friends, half of it went back. My Bratkartoffel were nothing to write home about, really don't know what it was, no taste.
The menues itself looked great, but what good is that if half the things not there anymore. We will try again-but it will be a long time before we will have the guts to do it. I must say, the beer was very good. The glasses a little big for me (1/2 liter) it's gotten a bit warm once I got about half way. All in all, a disappointing evening.

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Provided by Citysearch
food is tasteless and service is terrible

Service is terrible and food isn't much better. They add service charges to your bill and there is nothing you can do about it. They change prices on items and do not change in menu or let you know. If you like to go where the food is tasteless the service is bad and they ripe you off then this is the place for you. If you like good food and great service then stay away.

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